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A Messsage From Ben Labbe

Our mission is to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction by listening, caring and taking every step of the construction process to the next level of quality. We use the best materials, the top crafts and trades people and the latest technology available to builders today. If we can't do it right, we simply won't do it at all

The ENERGY STAR for New Homes Initiative

In Canada, the ENERGY STAR for New Homes initiative is an extension of the international energy efficiency standard, started in the US in the early nineties. Originally intended to qualify highly energy efficient US consumer products, it has spread world wide, and its scope has broadened to include, among other things, new homes.

For a new home to be considered ENERGY STAR qualified, it must be built by a registered  ENERGY STAR for New Homes builder. These builders are expected to follow strict building codes that far exceed the normal national and provincial standards. These homes, once complete, must be inspected and evaluated by neutral third party advisors before they are verified as ENERGY STAR qualified. ENERGY STAR qualified new homes feature ENERGY STAR qualified products such as windows, furnaces, hot water heaters, appliances, etc.  throughout and will boast an NRCan EnerGuide rating of at least 80.

The Victoria British Columbia non-profit City Green Solutions is registered both as an EnerGuide rating service and a licensed ENERGY STAR for New Homes advisor, capable of registering interested builders. Homeowners, home builders, and those looking to buy a home anywhere on Vancouver island are encouraged to find out more at www.citygreen.ca

October 12th, 2011.