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A Messsage From Ben Labbe

Our mission is to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction by listening, caring and taking every step of the construction process to the next level of quality. We use the best materials, the top crafts and trades people and the latest technology available to builders today. If we can't do it right, we simply won't do it at all

What is a Safer Home

SAFERhome provides the only certification program in Canada that addresses the issues of human sustainability, which means you, and the application of a recognized Gold Standard in universal design.

Universal Design is about everyone. It is a way of keeping children safer, a way of more easily having grandma live or visit at home – whether as a guest or because she needs the support, and a way to age-in-place with dignity. Universal Design creates more inclusive communities and supports inter-generational living while looking nicer and being worth more.

Remove thresholds. Ever stumbled when you are carrying groceries, caring for your kids, pushing a baby stroller or just not paying attention? There is no need for thresholds.

Increase the width of your doors by ~4″ (adds only $10/door). Can you feel the space? Movers love it! This is the first thing a builder does to make a home custom. Now when your aging parent comes for a visit he/she can move around with those walking aids without you having to give a helping hand. Imagine you can’t go home to recuperate from a hospital visit because the temporary support you need doesn’t fit through your door and you can’t move around your home. For an extra $10/door during construction you can have all 3-foot wide doors.

Offset bath and shower controls (adds $40). Ever had sore muscles, a backache or use crutches while trying to lean around the toilet and reach into the tub or shower for the controls? It is hard work and a potential accident waiting to happen.

November 8th, 2011.